Tasty Vegan Plantain foods You Just Have to Try!

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People who come from cultures where plantain is uncommon often have a hard time differentiating between Bananas and Plantain. But for people in Africa, the Caribbean’s and in central / south America, plantains are a local food staple and are used to make some tasty vegan dishes.

Plantain dishes provide great options for vegan travellers as they contain fibre, carbs and natural sugars.



Here are a few of the staple plantain-based dishes from around the world:


Patacones / Tostones

Thick slices of green plantain fried, smashed and then fried again to an amazing crunchy texture. They can be found in many Latin American countries like Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Venezuela and more.

You’ll can get these delicious fries as a side dish in local restaurants or by itself as a street food snack, served with guacamole, salsa or Hogao (tomato-based sauce).

Patacones / Tostones


Thin green plantain chips will be your next new addiction when traveling to Peru or Ecuador. Because they are perfectly salted and crunchy at the same time. You can find  “freshly” fried variations as a street food snack, or as a snack in the supermarket/ grocery store to take with you on the go.


Chifles chips


These fried ripe plantain slices are one of the most common side dishes you’ll find in Colombia and Venezuela. They are naturally sweet and delicious, and are a great vegan option, especially in restaurants that are not so vegan-friendly.


Tajadas food

Plantain Ceviche

We think Plantain Ceviche is by far one of our tastiest plantain dishes in the world. This is because with many good ingredients such as fresh cilantro, onions, peppers and lime juice and green plantains. To taste this delicacy, you will have to travel to Costa Rica where this genius dish was born.


Plantain Ceviche dish

Frite De Plantain Haricot

This Cameroonian stew is definitely one of the local’s favourites dishes. It’s a must try any visiting vegan! The Stew is made by cooking together plantain and mixed beans together with local spices, making it a true delicacy.


Frite De Plantain Haricot



Although not available everywhere, we highly recommend you try cooking some vegan plantain dishes yourself at home.


Otherwise, if you are lacking the time and energy, you opt to try our personal favorite plantain-based snacks that we find to be highly addictive.


Barnana Plantain Chips – Flavours include: Pink Salt, Lime, Salt & Vinegar and BBQ.


Barnana Vegan Plantain Chips



Wickedly Prime Plantain Chips 3 Ingredient snacks: Plantain, Oil and Salt.

Wickedly Prime vegan Plantain Chips


Amazi Plantain Chips Flavours include: Chili Spices, Cinnamon Spiced and Salted Olive Oil.


Amazi vegan Plantain Chips



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