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The Veganary is a world-wide crowd-sourced website. The basic version that we put online has been created with the help of more than 60 vegans from around the world, sharing their experiences of the local culture and the progress of veganism in their homelands. We thank each and every person who has taken time to help us make this project a reality.

After receiving new info, our small team carries out a double check so we can be as reliable and accurate as possible.  Obviously, there is always a possibility of errors due to many different reasons, some of which are not under our direct control: Human errors and mistakes, companies may change products’ ingredients, local restaurants may make local food in a non-traditional way – adding animal ingredients, the availability of local products is constantly changing, added information might become outdated etc.

Please do not hesitate to help us if you find a mistake. The more we, as the global vegan community, collaborate to make this project a success, the closer we will get to our common goal of promoting all aspects of veganism, everywhere in the world.

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Traveling Around the World, the Vegan Way

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