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Commonly served vegan

Dishes that are traditionally served vegan

Fruit salad made with pineapple, bananas, papaya and mangoes. Peanuts, oats or coconut flakes can be added on top

Ensalada de Frutas

Fried wheat flour and yucca starch patty filled with potato pieces, onions and tomatoes. served with hot sauce or lemon

Empanada de Papa

Roasted cornmeal cake with cooked vegetables. Make sure: no cheese is added

Arepa Vegetariana

Fried plantains with guacamole dip made from avocado, onions, lemon and pepper

Patacones con Guacamole

Traditional sauce made from tomatoes, onions and garlic. can be served with a wide variety of local dishes


Fried slices of green plantains. usually served like potato chips with a dip


Vegetables and beans with corn/wheat flour, wrapped and cooked in a banana leaf. Make sure: no butter/milk is used

Tamal Vegetarian

Traditional drink made from the syrup or non-distilled juice from sugar cane


Sweet bars made from guava, sugar and lemon. Make sure: no milk is added

Bocadillo de Guayaba

Freshly fried ripe plantain slices.


Dishes that can be Veganized

Dishes that are not vegan by default, but can be made so, by asking to remove or change part of the ingredients.

Mixed salad, usually made with lettuce, avocados, tomatoes and other veggies. To veganize: ask for no cheese/ meat to be added


Porridge made from boiled white corn. can be served cold or hot, with or without milk. To veganize: ask for no milk


Typical breakfast plate with corn cakes, plantain and meat. To veganize: Ask for no meat or eggs

Bandeja paisa

Dishes that are not vegan, but appear to be

Dishes that might look vegan, but contain animal products.

Green/red beans-based soup, with rice or avocado on top. Usually contain beef broth


Lentils soup with potatoes, plantain, rice and avocado. Meat broth is typically used


Coconut candy bar, commonly found on the streets, will contain eggs


Small bread bun, commonly contain eggs and cheese


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