From our side we strive to make it as accurate as possible. However the way the dish is prepared and served ften has many variables depending on the restaurant, area in the country, chef’s personal preference. We strongly suggest you view our recommendations as a guide: always double check for yourself until you know the ins-and-outs of local cooking and culture.

We put together the list of snacks to help vegans find eatable options while traveling abroad. As with other recommendations we strongly suggest that you double check the ingredients since these can change due to the snack flavor or the manufacturer making changes.

Our pronunciation system works in conjunction with Google Translate. As Google Translate expands to other languages we will also be able to include more language options.

As vegan travelers we found that by using Google Translate with non-English sites, it allowed us to obtain important information about the country we were in and its vegan products – recipes and recommendations.

Google Translate has greatly improved over last few years so we recommend using that to understand these local language websites.

Send us a note about the mistake. We will double check and correct accordingly. Please use the suggest content page and let us know about it.

We are always looking to add more valuable info to our website. Please feel free to contact us though the suggest content page so we can check and then add your info to the website.

We try to provide as many vegan options as possible in each country. For this reason, we try to find as many local brands as we can, but we also add international brands that are available in the country.

Our information was collected through extensive online research and after collaborating with more then 60 vegans from different countries around the world and with the great help of the vegan community.

When you sign up to The Veganary, you have to option to  communicate with other vegans about your most pressing questions in each country through the forum tab. You will also be able to add your ratings for each country.

Yes do advertise vegan brands and products as long as they are compliant with our guidelines.
If you are intersted in advertising please send email to: contact@theveganary.com


We do this to help us support the constant work that is put in to the content creation of this website. Hope you understand.

Traveling Around the World, the Vegan Way

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