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Our Goals



To provide global vegan information, in an organized way

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To unite vegans around our common goals

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To stay updated vegan related information worldwide

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To promote vegan initiatives and businesses from around the globe

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To create high quality guided vegan tours of every major city in the world

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Our Team


Natan Saffer

A peoples person with an entrepreneurial mind.

He is our strategic thinker and jack of all digital trades.


Shani Zukerman The Veganary Founder
Shani Zukerman

A vegan chef and foodie at heart with a strong marketing background.

She is our creative mind and strategic manager.



Myriam Morgenstern Picture
Myriam Morgenstern

A whole foods plant-based nutrition specialist with a love of animals and travel.

She is our content writer and general adviser.




Our Inspiration 


Shani Zukerman and Natan Saffer with vincent the veganary rabbit


Hi everyone, we are Shani and Natan,

We created this website to provide an organized source for global vegan information and to bring about positive change. 

We decided to start The Veganary while traveling across Asia and having a hard time transitioning between countries. We often read up on travel blogs to find tips in advance, but these were often location-specific, and we preferred to plan our travels by nature’s beauties rather than the next vegan restaurant.  

To try and solve this, we started meeting up with local vegans in every destination.  We quickly understood that it all boils down to having the right knowledge in the new country in order to be able to navigate your way around as a vegan.  

So we called vegans for help and they all came running to help us. More than 1000+ vegans worldwide took time out of their day to help us create this website and our 65+ country guides.

So please, if you have any addition, change, or thought you would like to share with us, please feel free to do so. 



Traveling Around the World, the Vegan Way

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