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The Veganary is changing the way vegans travel, while supporting local vegan communities around the world 


The Veganary is a crowd-sourced website providing organized vegan information in more then 65 countries worldwide




Our Goals


To create create high quality guided vegan tours of every major city in the world.

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To provide practical vegan-related information, in an organized and convenient way.

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To unite fellow vegans around our common goal of promoting veganism.

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To constantly update vegan related information worldwide. 

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To promote vegan initiatives and businesses from around the globe.

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Our Story


Shani Zukerman and Natan Saffer with vincent the veganary rabbit



Hi, we are Natan and Shani! We are both graduates in business management and digital marketing, and committed vegans. After traveling the world running our digital business as vegan nomads, we understood that being a vegan in a foreign country is more than just finding the right restaurant. It’s actually more about understanding the local culture, customs and most importantly the national cuisine.

After travelling for a few months, and gaining some valuable experience, we understood that the most effective way to understand the vegan culture is by connecting to local vegans. So, this is exactly what we did! In each new country, we would try and meet up with local vegans, to get their input and tips on how to be vegan in their country.

This turned out to be a mind-blowing experience each and every single time!

The info they shared was so authentic, specific and so hard to acquire as a passing vegan traveler.

We decided we need to do something about it!

This is how The Veganary was born!


Natan Saffer and Shani Zukerman with cow


We worked extremely hard for a full year on building our website, compiling and standardizing the massive amount of info we wanted to present.

Our goal was to create a platform where local vegans can share their knowledge with the world, so we decided the website should be crowed sourced.   

After collaborating with hundreds of passionate vegans, we understood that calling on all vegans to give their own inputs, would provide The Veganary the vitality and relevance that only the whole vegan community can provide.

Since we launched in April 2019 people in more then 67 different countries write to us every often to help keep up with the new evolving vegan happenings in their country.  


The Veganary Mini Tours:

Our aim is to provide high quality guided vegan tours of every major city in the world.

The Veganary Mini Tours are short meetups with local vegan experts who guide you through their favorite vegan stops around the city, while explaining about important aspects of the local vegan culture.

Help us provide vegan tours in more then 100 destinations worldwide by:

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Also on Our Team:

 Myriam Morgenstern – is a Whole-Plant-Based Nutrition Specialist with a love of animals and of travel. She is also our content writer and general adviser.          

Myriam Morgenstern


Traveling Around the World, the Vegan Way

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