Unique Food Blogs from Around the World That Will Open Your Mind

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Do you also wonder online to search for cooking ideas and inspirations?

This is why we have compiled some of the most inspirational but relatively unknown vegan cooking blogs from around the world, to help motivate you to try making in  your home more new tasty unfamiliar foods.


Lazy Cat Kitchen

Ania is a plant-based blogger from the UK, and we can promise that the recipes on her blog will surprise you. From vegan Char Siu Bao (Chinese sticky pork buns) and Thai corn fritters, to an amazing Baba ganoush and Spanakopita (Greek spinach pie), this is for surly one of the most globally diverse vegan food blogs you’ll find.


One Arab Vegan

Nada is a food blogger from Abu Dabi, she creates amazing Middle Eastern vegan recipes, sharing travel experiences and interesting cultural stories and tips.

On her blog you’ll find a lot of classic middle eastern recipes like Mujaddara, Makloubeh and Basbousa. But you can also find some really cool and creative new variations to some dishes, she has an amazing Pumpkin Kibbeh recipe, Red Pepper Hummus, and of course our favourite- gluten-free millet Mercimek Koftesi.


The White Chestnut

If you are looking for cooking inspiration, make sure to check out Belinda blog. Originally from the UK but living in Spain Belinda is really one of the most creative recipe developers around.  Plus her blog looks like a big colorful vegan party!

On the recipe side, you’ll find vegan empanadas and Spanish Paella, beetroot late, and even waffles and strawberry nice-cream sandwiches!


My Whole Food Life

Meet Melissa and Marcus King, they have two girls, one great cookbook, and a blog you really shouldn’t miss. On their blog, they share some vegan travel stories and tips (even a few Disneyland vegan articles!). Their recipes are always unique and healthy, the kind of recipes you’ll enjoy both eating it and the way it will make your feel after you have finished.

Our top recipe recommendations from their blog are the savory pumpkin dip, the spinach chickpea omelets and for an amazing dessert  the grain free pecan pie!


Vegan Miam

On their blog, Rika & Donni share vegan recipes from all around the world, interesting reviews, and a lot of inspiring vegan travel guides!

Both travel guides and recipes are divided into categories so you can easily find what you’re looking for, but we also love to just go over their content to get new ideas and learn more about vegan food.

Some of our favorite recipes on their blog includes black sesame waffles, Japanese curry and the perfect vegan Tzatziki.


More inspiration ideas:

If you are just looking for more cooking idea, we highly recommend from our homepage you enter any country of your interest and go to Local Food tab. There you will find the local foods in more than 65 different countries.

Here are some of our recommended options: Italy, Croatia, China, Egypt, Greece, Israel, Kenya, Romania, Tunisia and Vietnam.


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