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Commonly served vegan

Dishes that are traditionally served vegan

Deep fried patties made from chickpeas and herbs, served in Pita with pickles, salads and tahini dressing


Pureed chickpeas with tahini, lemon juice and spices, served with pita bread, pickles, onions, and spicy dip


A salad made from chopped fresh herbs, bulgar, olive oil and lemon juice. Tomatoes are sometimes added


Crushed semolina flour with a stew made with chickpeas, leeks, zucchinis, carrots, onions, spices

Veg. couscous

Chopped tomatoes, cucumbers with lemon, salt and olive oil. Commonly served with tahini

Israeli Salad

Grilled eggplant with tahini sauce, herbs, lemon, olive oil and garlic. sometimes served with tomato salsa

Baladi Eggplant or Hatzil baladi

Eggplant salad made with tahini, olive oil, lemon, salt and pepper. Make sure: no mayonnaise is added

Baba Ghanoush or Salat Chatzilim

Round shaped wheat bread pocket

Pita Bread

Cooked salad made from tomatoes, bell peppers, olive oil, chili peppers and garlic


Rice and lentil dish with fried onions, garlic and spices


Tomato based spicy salad made with red peppers. onions chili, cumin and herbs

Turkish Salad

Pickled cucumbers, olives and other vegetables made with different herbs and spices, served as a side dish

Pickled vegetables

Sesame seed paste with lemon juice, garlic and salt


Spicy paste made from red or green chilly peppers, herbs, garlic, spices and olive oil. Served as a side for a variety of dishes


Pickled mango condiment with strong taste, made with vinegar, turmeric and other spices


Variety of salted nuts and seeds, usually served with alcoholic drinks


Sesame seed with sugar. Make sure: no honey is used


Aniseed alcoholic drink, usually blended with lemonade/ grapefruit and mint or other soft drinks


Finely ground unfiltered coffee, usually served in a small glass

Turkish coffee

Dishes that can be Veganized

Dishes that are not vegan by default, but can be made so, by asking to remove or change part of the ingredients.

Pita bread filled with fried eggplant, hummus, eggs, cooked potatoes, salads and pickles. To veganize: ask for no eggs


Eggs/omelette, vegetable salad, plus a variety of dips. To veganize: ask for chickpea omelette instead and no cheese

Israeli Breakfast

Cooked tomatoes peppers and spices with poached eggs on top. To veganize: ask to replace eggs with tofu or mushrooms


Filo pastry, filled with a choice of fillings. To veganize: ask for non-dairy option and make sure egg is not brushed on top


Rolled dough cooked overnight served with tomato sauce and hard-boiled egg. To veganize: ask with no egg nor butter


Pan fried filo pastry, served with hard boiled egg, grated tomatoes and a spicy dip. To veganize: ask for no egg /butter


Sweet pudding made of rice, sugar, rice flour and milk, and toppings. To veganize: ask for non-dairy version


Dishes that are not vegan, but appear to be.

Dishes that might look vegan, but contain animal products.

Traditional wheat flour bread made on Fridays, with eggs in dough and brushed on top (vegan challah can be easily found)


Sweet pastry made from filo layers, filled with nuts and usually sweetened with honey, Can be found without honey


Sweet pastry filled with chocolate usually made with eggs


Wheat bagel usually brushed with eggs

Jerusalem Bagel

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