Vegan Guide to Czech Republic

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Veganism in the Czech Republic

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Veganism in the Czech Republic is growing exponentially by the day. Vegan is a term well understood in the Czech capital of Prague. Some have gone as far as naming it the vegan capital of eastern Europe.

The variety of vegan restaurants in Prague is outstanding.  You can easily stay a week in the city and still not be able to try them all.  For more info about Vegan restaurants be sure to check Happy Cow’s restaurant listing more than 50 totally Vegan Restaurants in Prague.

In Prague you will find many vegan related events, activities and activism. The best place to find these will be on the Soutine Vegan Community which is the largest vegan website in the Czech republic. They keep the vegan community up to date with the latest news, recipes, restaurants, activities and hotels. They show all of these on an easy to understand map which makes visiting their website a must.

Vegan Food in the Czech Republic

Czech republic vegan foodYour experience of being a vegan in the Czech republic depends a lot on where you are situated. Prague, the capital, where the majority of tourists visit, is a very different experience compared to the rest of the Czech Republic when it comes to veganism.  This is because traditional local food in the Czech Republic is mostly meat based. The rest of the Republic has very few vegan or vegetarian restaurant options, apart from the occasional salad or fries.

Vegans traveling outside of Prague and Brno

Nature in Czech republicFurther out in the country, the locals will be likely to confuse vegans with fish eating macrobiotics.  They will be serving the meat and cheese dishes of Eastern Europe and may not easily understand your needs to veganize some dishes. We highly recommend to go over our Czech Local Food tab to learn about the food options available in the traditional Czech cuisine. We also advise to learn or print out vegan words from our Czech Vegan Vocabulary tab, so you can better communicate your vegan needs with the locals.

Again, in Prague you will be able to find almost any food to fill your vegan cravings. Even small grocery stores will sell tofu. But when you leave Prague or Brno, stock up on your favorite vegan staples and basic instruments for preparing and cooking your own food. To find all of the available vegan foods and snacks, be sure to find out Czech Snacks & Stores tab.

You will find great quality fruits and vegetables in the local open-air markets in summer.  But if you are traveling in winter, the choice will be much more limited, though sometimes the markets will still operate.

Still have questions? Visit our Czech Forum tab to get all the answers.

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