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Mom & Pop Internet Business Thrives Despite Dot Com Bomb 0 May 20, 2021

Mom & Pop Internet Business Thrives Despite Dot Com Bomb ← Back to questions

May 20, 2021

Bill & Christi Rowe have been saving for retirement for years. While they have been investing in their retirement, they have been investing in their retirement business. In 1999, they started an online shop on the Internet with online credit card processing, shopping carts, and a professional looking web site.

Year by year, the business has grown. There have been some ups and downs. “We have survived a recession, the dot com bust, the 9/11 terrorist attacks and subsequent loss of consumer confidence (that is, loss of business), and two wars,” says Bill.

We asked the Rowes what tips they have for entrepreneurs who want a home based business that has a good chance at success.

A Passionate Focus

“The first thing we looked at was whether our shop would sell goods or services, and to pick something you are passionate about. We also recommend a narrow focus so that you, as a small business owner, may compete with the big guys,” said Bill.

Bill adds, “Finding and filling a niche with a narrow focus it crucial. It is better to be zoned in on one subject and do it well rather than try to have a little of this, a little of that, and not much of anything, especially with the competition one has on the Internet. I saw one web site that just sold clown shoes, not clown noses, not clown wigs, not clown makeup. info……

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