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Veganism In Canada

Rocky mountains veganVeganism is very popular and widely accepted in Canada. In addition to there being Restaurants, cafés and shops that only serve vegan food, vegan options are often available in regular restaurants and stores. Most restaurants mark vegan options on their menus and products in the grocery stores are also clearly labelled which makes it easy to see to identify vegan items.
At events where free food is given out, it is common to see representatives of vegan-friendly companies handing out goodies. Of course, there are jokes about vegans and some people make fun of their vegan friends, but overall veganism is accepted so well that you will find a huge selection of vegan milks, mock-meats, cheese and other foods in any mainstream supermarket. Check our full Canadian Vegan Snack tab to better know available options.

Vegan Food in Canada

Vegan burger

Veganism is a wide-scale growing movement in Canada and it is common to see new companies/ restaurants dedicated to vegan foods. The largest local coffee chain (Tim Hortons) and hamburger chain( A&W)  offer Beyond-Meat breakfast sausages and hamburgers. Find our Local Food tab to find commonly available options.

If you are vegan and are traveling to Canada, it will be very easy to find foods you can eat. Most restaurants are more than happy to adapt their dishes for vegans and it is not rare to find that your waiter/waitress is vegan too! For vegan stores around you, online delivery options latest vegan news be sure to find our Vegan Websites tab.

Still have questions? Visit our Canada Forum tab to get all the answers.

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