The Latest Vegan Food Hype in Kenya

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So many vegan food dishes in Kenyan mainstream cuisine!

Swahili cuisine has much to offer to any vegan coming to visit Kenya. Vegan food in Kenya is abundant and extremely flavourful and varied. Most of the country’s signature dishes are made from plant based foods and differ depending on the season, due to the tropical weather in the country. Therefore the time you visit will have a decisive factor on the flavorful dishes you will experience.

Be sure to go over our full Vegan Food Guide to Kenya. There you will find separate explanations per dish, whether it’s vegan by default or veganizable by asking to omit the animal ingredients, all the info you need will be provided.
Here are some examples:

SUKUMA WIKI - Kenya vegan foodCABBAGE STEW - Kenya vegan foodMBOGA - Kenya vegan food


Veganism in Kenya

Veganism is slowly becoming prevalent in Kenya and with it comes a lot of creativity around meal preparation and presentation.
Nairobi is considered to be the most vegan friendly city in Kenya, with restaurants serving everything from Vegan Breakfasts to Burgers. Kenya has restaurants that offer some truly amazing vegan options that every visiting vegan should try.

Cookouts are the new vegan!

Koroga vegan cooking - vegan food kenya

There is an old tradition in Kenya named Koroga. Koroga in Swahili means “to stir”. Traditionally, the men would have a get together where they would gather all villagers for a  large “cookout and drinks” night, as they shared the latest happenings in their village.

This tradition has now been adopted by many restaurants serving Koroga meals for special occasions, celebrations and family gatherings. Koroga is especially great for vegans since the restaurants prepare the food upon order from scratch. So it can be easily veganized by asking to leave out any animal products and replacing them with fresh or cooked vegetables.

Kenyan chef cooking

It is fun and satisfying to attend a Koroga night, do not miss out when you visit!

Ah and let’s not forget!

Did you know that Kenya is a large producer of cashew nuts? These are handy for tasty homemade salad dressings and for making vegan cheese!

Apart from Cashew Kenya offers many vegan foods and snacks, be sure to check out our Snacks & Stores guide to get all the info you need.

All these things make Kenya a delightful culinary adventure.



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Rachel Kabue is a vegan, animal rights activist and freelance writer. She is the owner of the Facebook page Kenya Vegans.

She has a higher diploma in development studies and social work. Currently pursuing a degree in strategic development. 

Rachel has been published by Vèganes Magazine versus 03. 


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