3 Vegan Desserts You Can’t Miss in London

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With veganism taking the world by storm, more and more establishments are popping up with partially vegan or fully vegan menus. McDonald’s has released a vegan burger and small plant-based restaurants are opening everywhere. Every day, there is more and more proof of veganism becoming less of a trend and more of a movement. This is good news for those dedicated to saving the planet and living a healthier lifestyle. 

From breakfast to dinner, an increasing number of restaurants have been offering an expansive list of vegan options. However, there’s one particular meal that seems to have received the best vegan treatment: dessert. 

Vegan desserts continue to challenge the notion that every sweet treat needs eggs and milk to taste amazing. Aside from solving a common vegan dilemma, vegan desserts offer healthier solutions after a heavy entree. With hundreds of vegan dessert options around London, however, the quest to find the best plant-based choice is much more difficult. Even so, there’s no need to embark on a trial-and-error mission because we’ve done all the heavy lifting by finding the best ones for you!


Make your way to these restaurants for the best plant-based desserts in London and a memorable vegan travel experience:


1. A vegan take on a classic dessert: Yorica



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Regarded by most vegan travel guides as one of London’s must-visit establishments, Yorica! has established itself as a crowd favorite with its delicious 100 percent vegan ice cream. Yorica! offers a wide range of vegan ice cream options, soft serves, and crepes. While it may be a bit confusing at first, you can find the perfect flavor to order by asking for free samples of every option you want to try. 

Yorica!’s extensive range of dairy-free products is also nut-free, making it the perfect option for those with nut allergies. Not one to miss out on providing an authentic ice cream parlor feel, Yorica! also provides its diners with an option to add vegan toppings, such as fresh fruit, miniature cookies, and gummy bears.




2. Pockets of plant-based flavor in a small cup: Ms. Cupcake

Easily identifiable by its quaint, yet appealing storefront, Ms. Cupcake is a Brixton-based vegan cupcake specialist shop that has been noted by vegan guides for having cupcakes that are absolutely to die for.

Every little cupcake in the store can make anyone’s mouth water in a mere glance. The rich and indulgent flavors that come with every option from Ms. Cupcake are attributed to two distinct reasons. First, they use the highest-quality ingredients to achieve the best flavors. Second, each cupcake is made by a baker that is dedicated to their craft as well as in making a difference in the way people know, eat, and enjoy their cupcakes.

Ms. Cupcake is also known for its gluten-free options that take the cake (pun intended), which is perfect for anyone with a dietary restriction!

We recommend making your first visit memorable by trying out their mouth-watering cupcake called “The Ambassador”. The Ambassador is a gluten-free and vegan cupcake that is Ms. Cupcake’s tribute to the Ferrero Rocher, which uses a chocolate and hazelnut sponge with a delectable hazelnut spread on top.



3. Redefining a staple American treat: Crosstown Doughnuts


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Crosstown Doughnuts is one of London’ss vegan dessert success stories that is guaranteed to be one of the greatest highlights of every vegan’s travel experience. It has its humble beginnings as a small concessionaire that opened up shop in a little bus at the heart of Spitalfields Market. Today, the establishment serves its trademark vegan doughnuts with a hometown flair.

Crosstown Doughnuts, however, has come a long way from its start as a minor league dessert stop and has since expanded into becoming a full-fledged all-vegan donut shop in Marylebone. Specializing in Sourdough donuts, Crosstown Doughnuts utilizes a variety of natural flavors, ranging from jams and compotes all the way up to toppings. Every ingredient gives each Crosstown Doughnut its trademark flavors that have foodies vegan and non-vegan alike flocking to the establishment’s doors.

Should you find yourself looking for the best vegan dessert restaurants, perhaps it’s time to head over to London. From vegan doughnuts to ice cream, London is packed with dozens of options that are worth featuring on any vegan travel guide around. Start with the three vegan dessert options on this list!



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