Vegan Guide to The UK

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Veganism in The UK

Veganism is rapidly growing in the UK and has become more prevalent every day!  This is seen by the huge increase in vegan products one can find in the top supermarkets – including a huge variety of brands for any vegan product you may want, be sure to take a look at our Vegan Products for the UK tab.

People are generally accepting of veganism. However, you may still need to explain to some individuals what exactly it means, as there is still some confusion, particularly among the older generations. The most difficult place to be vegan in the UK is in rural, countryside locations. Here, you’re likely to find country pubs with traditional meals that include meat or cheese as a main feature on the menu.  This being said, most restaurants will try to cater to your needs if you tell them in advance or ask them to veganize something for you.

The United Kingdom has always been a home to important worldwide vegan organizations and news publications, so if you are looking to join some vegan related activities you will be sure to find them through the local websites listed on our UK website tab.


Vegan Food in The United Kingdom

Many restaurants are already producing their own vegan mock meats range. Chain restaurants almost always offer vegan options on their menus as will other cosmopolitan restaurants in larger cities, where you will also have a vast choice of vegan restaurants or cafes. Take a look at our Local Food tab to get a better understanding of vegan and veganizable dishes in the UK.

If you would like to find the best vegan restaurants throughout the country make sure to check out Happy Cow’s Vegan restaurant page.

Overall the UK gets a big thumbs up as a destination of food fun for vegans. Recommended: the farmers’ markets in summer, the vegan fests, and the new plethora of vegan cheese companies making what is thought by many to be the best aged “cheeses” that taste like the real thing.

Still have questions? Visit our United Kingdom Vegan Forum tab to get all the answers.



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