Top Vegan Finds in Chains Across the UK

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Vegan food finds in UK chains

The UK is definitely one of the largest and most influential vegan communities in the world! Making it easy to catch those “vegan finds” in chains across the UK both in restaurants as well as in supermarkets.

This has caused many of the large British chains to start providing more vegan options to accommodate the continuous growth in demand for vegan foods and products.

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We have made this list for anyone in the UK or coming to visit, so you will best know the tastiest vegan finds in UK food chains.



Commonly found on main streets and a popular pastry place for British people. The vegan sausage caused quite a hype upon launching, and until now the roll is extremely popular and can often sell out quickly. Many positive articles have been written about the similarity of this sausage roll to regular meat ones.  Many claiming that they  enjoy it because it is less greasy than other plant based options. Even many meat eaters love it! Other options available on Greggs menu can be found here.


Pizza Hut & Dominos

Pizza Hut Logo

Pizza hut have launched their vegan pizza options in the UK. However, for some reason it’s still impossible to get them delivered. Meaning you can only enjoy these in the restaurants or pickups. Pizza hut also offers vegan options for sides and desserts, so you can get a full 3 course vegan meal here. 


Pizza Express

Pizza Express vegan finds

Pizza Express is a great option for most vegans, as they have a dedicated vegan menu with large variety of options, even gluten free ones. This includes a variety of vegan pizzas, arancini and bread balls, peperonata stew and desserts such as carrot cake, parfait and more. 


Yo! Sushi

Perfect for both vegans and meat eaters! Has a wide range of vegan foods also including vegetable tempura, miso soup , vegetable gyoza, tofu katsu curry and plenty more. It’s always best to check that no dish you are ordering has any added dashi sauce (that is fish based).  It does lack vegan desserts however and its not clear what alcohol is vegan.



Vegan finds in Nando's

This a common chicken restaurant chain in the UK. It is so popular that the british have made a slang phrase that originated from the restaurants name: “Cheeky Nandos” meaning its a cheeky habit to go eat at Nando’s.  This chain offers a nice range of vegan foods and takes steps to avoid cross-contamination. Their website also makes it easy to check what dishes are vegan and their ingredients.




Mcdonalds vegan burger

Lately mcdonalds is making the much awaited shift towards incorporating more vegan option in their menu. Already available in the UK are the Vegetable Deluxe burger that is vegan if you order it without the sandwich sauce (contains egg).  Another option is the Spicy Veggie One wrap which is vegan. Happy Meals have the option of a Veggie Wrap also and all French Fries are vegan in the UK as they are cooked separately and contain no animal extracts.


 Costa Coffee 

Costa coffee vegan finds

Costa is the leading Coffee chain in the UK with more than 2,400 stores making it easily accessible anywhere across the UK. Thankfully vegan options have started to appear more recently on their menus. Apart from the company serving different plant based milks for their coffee they also offer vegan snacks such as: sticky pecan toffee cookies, dark chocolate bar, popcorn, gummy sweets, fruity flapjacks, dried mango sweets, mixed nuts and even meals such as tomato soup and thai curry.


Caffe Nero 
Caffe Nero vegan options

Nero coffee shop is definitely one of the more vegan friendly cafes around. Not only do they offer a plant based milks for all their drinks, they have a extremely large amount of vegan food options from snacks from apple and blackcurrant crumble to full meals such as breakfasts, sandwiches, paninis and wraps. For the exact vegan options check Veganuary’s Guide.



Starbucks coffee logo vegan

It’s easy enough to get dairy replaced in Starbucks drinks though you should tell staff to not include whipped cream, Java chips, protein powder and caramel drizzle. There are vegan food options as well for different times of the day. See full guide by Peta on how to properly order in starbucks like a vegan pro!




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