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National Animal

The Southern lapwing

“The love for a living creature is the most noble attribute of man”

Charles Darwin

Animals commonly seen in the wild

Marine fauna:

Dolphins, whales, rockhopper penguins, seals, turtles.


Black vultures, burrowing owls, flamingos, glittering-bellied emeralds, monk parakeets, swans, blackbirds.

Land mammals:

Foxes, giant rodents (capybaras), coypus, jaguars, Pampas deer, pumas, South American coatis.

Snakes and insects:

Tortoises, tropical rattlesnakes, coral snakes, crossed pit vipers, white-dotted snakes, mosquitoes.

Common sights you will not like

In the city and
on the road

The flea market in Tristán Narvaja Street sells live animals in cages such as dogs, cats, rabbits, fish and other small animals often not in the best condition. Horse-drawn carts are used for collecting garbage in the city. Some of these horses are in bad condition and experience mistreatment. Stray dogs are common in the city streets and in residential areas.

In the

Horses are used for transport in rural areas. Horses to be slaughtered are transported in open trucks. Stray dogs are also common in rural areas.

Hunting or poaching:

Hunting legal with permit. Commonly hunted animals are waterfowl and upland birds such as duck, dove, pigeon and partridges. In some areas, deer, angora goats and mouflons.

Animal fights:

Bullfighting is banned in Uruguay. Cock fighting happens in some parts of the country.

Main organization for animal rescue and sheltering:

Espacio ASH Rescue Me

Sanctuaries to visit or volunteer:


We have not included the treatment of animals in the meat/fur/leather industries, zoos or circuses, animal testing as it unfortunately still happens in most countries

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