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Vegan Guide to Uruguay

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Veganism in Uruguay

Uruguayan cuisine is essentially synonymous with barbecued meat. You will see and smell the grilling everywhere: on the sidewalks, on the balconies, in backyards and restaurants. It’s a meat-eating culture and it’s very common for people to invite you to eat an “asado” (BBQ), to celebrate every single life-event. Uruguay is a cattle-raising country and the cattle industry is the principal economic sector in the country. So, one can imagine the resistance to a vegetarian or vegan agenda, even on the part of doctors and nutritionists.

This being said, veganism is growing in Uruguay, even though it’s slow growth. Generally, people know that veganism is a “lifestyle” though they may not understand the meaning of it to the end. It’s seen by many as a fad, more than an ethical lifestyle choice.

Vegan Food In Uruguay

In the Uruguayan capital of Montevideo, vegan food can be found rather easily. You will be able to find some great vegan restaurants that will surely excite your taste buds.  Be sure to check out your options through the Happy Cow. Outside of Montevideo, this task will become much more challenging.

To learn more about the local vegan and organizable options be sure to check out our Uruguay Vegan Food tab.

Vegan grocery products are becoming more available by the day. This is positive news since they are definitely essential if you are planning to travel outside of Montevideo, since its always great to have a backup option readily available while traveling.  This will definitely be needed as you may have a hard time finding vegan food in local restaurants in the countryside. If this happens to be sure to ask if something can be prepared for you especially. Uruguayan people are very nice and will sometimes be willing to alter their dishes to cater to your needs.
Make sure to check our Vegan Snacks & Stores tab, to find the best vegan products to take with you on any journey.

Also if you plan to bring your vegan staples with you to Uruguay make sure to check our list for Product Availability to get a better idea of what I easily available for purchase in the country.

Be sure to learn a few useful Vegan Related Words in Spanish, so you will be able to easily communicate your needs in any part of the country.

Still, have questions? Visit our Uruguay Forum tab to get all the answers.


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