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Main website for anything that is vegetarian / vegan in Taiwan. Separate sites for: 1. General veg related news. 2. Organized veg tours in and outside of Taiwan, 3. Recipes, cooking courses, restaurant recommendations and more. This website is A MUST VISIT for anyone vegan enthusiast traveling to Taiwan.

A blog that introduces what it is like to be a vegan in Taiwan, by provides useful tips, reviewing restaurants, marking vegan packaged food, and what you should try to avoid in Taiwan. All the needed info before you start your trip.

Leezen Vegan Organic company has over 130+ stores around Taiwan. Leezen supplies thousands of items, ranging from organic fruits and vegetables, veggie food, organic cotton clothings, natural household items, Buddhism books and related products.

Local blog about everything that is vegan in Taiwan. You will find locals vegetarians restaurant list, vegan related news and latest updates, help finding local vegan products and much more.

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