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National Animal

The Bull

“As custodians of the planet it is our responsibility to deal with all species with kindness, love, and compassion. That these animals suffer through human cruelty is beyond understanding. “

Richard Gere

Animals commonly seen in the wild

Marine fauna:

Jellyfish, monk seals, sharks, sting rays, pond turtles.


Bustards, cuckoos, warblers, woodpeckers, mallards, egrets, swans, partridges.

Land mammals:

Deer, mouflons, fox, ibex, chamois, red squirrels, bats, wolves.

Snakes and insects:

Lizards, tortoise, grass snakes, ladder snakes.

Common sights you will not like

In the city and
on the road

It's not unusual to find whole ham legs and sausages hanging on display in the markets and even displayed on the street. tavernas and bars. Bull fights often take place during the festivals.

In the

Animals dying from roadkills are somewhat common in rural parts, due to the lack of green bridges available.

General animal welfare issues

In 2017, a major proposed reform to the law is changing animal definition from being treated as things to sentient beings.

Hunting or poaching:

Hunting is still quite big in Spain. Licenses and weapon permits are needed for legal hunting. Hunting regulations vary depending on the region.

Animal fights:

Bull fighting was banned in Catalonia in 2011. Still, bull fighting remains as the popular fair in Spain, especially on national holidays. In a fight, a bull usually dies due to wounds caused by stabbing with a sword and the meat is sold to the villagers. Cockfighting is illegal in all Spanish regions, except in Canary Islands and Andalusia wherein it has been protected for cultural purposes.

Main organization for animal rescue and sheltering:

SVPAP Valle Verde Animal Rescue Animal Care España Actin

Sanctuaries to visit or volunteer:

Fundación MONA Jacob's Ridge

We have not included the treatment of animals in the meat/fur/leather industries, zoos or circuses, animal testing as it unfortunately still happens in most countries.

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