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Veganism In Spain

In recent years, Spain has become more open to the idea of vegetarianism and veganism. Especially in the main cities and you will be able to encounter, on par with the rest of Europe, a wide range of vegan products. Some even finding their way into supermarkets, like vegan milks and tofu.

Animal welfare is also improving. It used to be dismal, but thanks to good work by dedicated animal rights organizations, the results are now seen in the new found sensitivity of many people, not towards bulls yet though, as bullfights are still a national sport. You also may sit at a restaurant at lunch time and have to watch a bull being tortured and killed on national TV, as the restaurant’s patrons cheer.

Vegan Food In Spain

Yep, you will see pork legs drying in the sun or other meat and animal products that are a huge part of traditional Spanish cuisine.

This being said, there will always be something for you to eat in omnivorous restaurants. Don’t forget that the famous gazpacho we all love comes from Spain. And many vegan options usually appear on the menu, even if as side dishes. Salads don’t mean they are lettuce-based and usually appear as single types of vegetables with simple dressings. Tapas bars may carry options of grilled vegetables and French fries.

Deeper out into the countryside, in small local villages, you may encounter more difficulties trying to explain to the locals what a vegan is. Always clarify what you mean by explaining all the things you do not eat. Luckily the locals are very friendly and truly accommodating, especially if you make a little effort with the language (see VEGAN WORDS page)


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