Vegan Guide to South Africa

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Veganism in South Africa

South Africa is a country rich in diverse cultures which seem to relish dishes centered around meat. In fact, one of the most well know snacks in South Africa is “Biltong”, a kind of dry meat jerky mostly made from cattle or game. This being said, there is a relative abundance of vegan dishes in South African traditional cuisine. One can even say that veggies, grains, legumes and roots once made up the bulk of the South African diet.  For example, you will find many variations of savory porridges using a variety of flours, from corn to cassava eaten with vegetables or vegetable sauces that are sure to satiate you, among other LOCAL VEGAN DISHES.

It used to be very uncommon to meet a vegetarian, let alone a vegan, but in the last 3-4 years people are beginning to eat more plant-based foods, mostly because of the new health research coming out. Veganism is a growing movement in South Africa, especially among young people with whom it is becoming a trend. Almost every city counts at least one vegetarian or vegan restaurant. Johannesburg boasts several dozens.

South Africa has 4 well defined seasons, each one with a medley of seasonal fruits and vegetables. From apricots and cherries in November to dates and lemons in July (of course, the seasons are inverted). And a plethora of delicious asparagus, artichokes, avocados etc. For proteins, check out their soy mock ground-meat which seems to be sold almost everywhere.

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