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Veganism in Singapore

Consciousness about veganism has been on the rise in the recent years in Singapore, whether for the environment or a change in lifestyle, so veganism is becoming more and more accepted. However, there are still some challenges to being a vegan. Judgmental views may be expected when you explain to a person that you are vegan. For example, they may assume that you are religious or you must be rich to be able to afford organic vegetables (with the preconceived idea that all vegans eat organic).

This being said, it is easy to find vegan food in Singapore. There are currently over 500 restaurants offering vegan and vegetarian dining options in Singapore (see LOCAL FOOD page). As a vegan traveler, you will find a vegetarian store at almost every food court.  Also, local dishes found in hawkers and restaurants can be easily modified to be vegan. And because a majority of Singaporeans are bilingual in English, it should be a breeze to explain what you need. Make sure to keep it simple, though: for example, say NO MEAT instead of “I don’t eat meat”. Be careful with the soups, the broth is rarely vegetarian though the soup could be advertised as such. Also, fish sauce is considered as a condiment and not as fish, so it is employed indiscriminately.

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