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Veganism in Serbia

Serbia is not an obvious country for vegans since meat and cheese are staples in the Serbian diet. This being said, fruits and vegetables figure a lot in the local cuisine. More in fact than in many other countries in the region.

After many years of economic and political transformation, it seems Serbia is now in a good place, which allows for a vegan culture to establish itself and grow. You will enjoy plenty of restaurants offering vegan food and a lot of local specialties which can be adapted as vegan. Everywhere you eat you will be able to find vegetable side dishes (be wary of butter) and salads. see LOCAL FOOD page.

Because religiously Serbs are Orthodox, there are a lot of religious fasts during the year. Fasts include mostly vegan dishes as well as some fish. When in doubt, mention in restaurants that you eat as if fasting (“posno”) but with no fish. Everybody will understand what you mean. You will also find a lot of vegan food in supermarkets to suit people who fast. Check the red heart written POSNO on your grocery items to make sure it is vegan.

In the countryside you will find people willing to accommodate your requests, even in the smallest places. Your problem will be communicating what you need. Check our VEGAN WORDS page to make yourself understood.

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