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Veganism in Mexico

When one thinks about Mexico, one imagines the great vegan tacos, rice and beans, the tortillas with guacamole, burritos,  corn dishes, and one sighs with delight and anticipation. In the West people are used to veganized versions of these foods and it can be found everywhere. The reality in Mexico is that most of these dishes are stuffed with meat or are side dishes on a meat plate.  They are also often mixed with cheese, eggs, cream or cooked with lard (see LOCAL FOOD page).

For those of you who speak Spanish, you will be able to explain that you are “vegano” and see the polite smile on your waitress’ face as she asks you what you mean. Not that “vegetariano” will ring a bell every time either. So, start from scratch, explain what you don’t eat, one by one. If you don’t speak Spanish, show her our VEGAN WORDS from the  Mexico page. More often than not the cooks in the kitchen will want to accommodate you and give you food you can eat.

The really happy people in Mexico are those who cook for themselves. The vegetables are good, the fruits divine. You will go crazy over the varieties of potatoes and corn. Do remember that you can always buy tortillas and make the burrito of your dreams at home or in your hotel room by adding canned beans.

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