How to Master Vegan Indian Cooking

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Cooking Indian Vegan Food

South Indian food on Banana leaf

To learn how to master Indian vegan cooking, you first need to learn about its origins. Indian cuisine is seen by many as the most influential cuisine in the world! Spice mixes are vital to enhance the flavoring of most dishes. The Indians can pride themselves as the inventors of the masala and curry spice mixes (see LOCAL FOOD page) which were later on adopted by many other countries who started making their own local variations.

Cooking is considered a form of art in India. Therefore mothers start teaching their daughters how to cook at a young age. Cooking is definitely an essential skill and to be able to make for the family tasty food, a must. The vegetables used in the traditional curry dishes depend on the regions and seasons within the Indian subcontinent.

From North to South India, the recipes vary considerably with Northern cooking relying more on breads and creamy sauces, and Southern cuisine more into coconut and rice-based dishes.South Indian Thali

In most western countries, preparing a curry means buying an already made spice mix labelled “Curry” to add to veggies and lentils. However Indians take the time to practice the art of spice blending and the secret of harmonizing the various ingredients in a good curry powder.

So, take a class or do it yourself using a book but promise to try your hand at it! Your potential  rewards may be some of the tastiest fares on the planet.


Foolproof cookbooks

Here are two of the Veganarary’s favorite Indian cookbooks. Because both authors were raised within native Indian food cultures, the recipes are as authentic as possible.


Vegan Richa’s Indian KitchenVegan Richa's Indian Kitchen

We gave a definite thumbs up to Vegan Richa’s Indian Kitchen for taste and ease of use.

The recipes are simple and appetizing and the food comes out exquisite and authentic. This is a proven book, with hundreds of raving revues. Richa’s instructions are precise and the images from her kitchen make you feel like you are right there with her.

You will just love her chapatis, naans and papadums.

This is a great cookbook guide for anyone wanting to start their experience with Indian vegan cooking as it has recipes for all the greatest Indian staple dishes. Experienced cooks will love it, as there is no compromise on taste. This book does not bow down to the fusion temptation.


Anupy Singla’s Vegan IndianVegan Indian Cooking by Anupy Singla

Definitely the most authentic flavored Indian vegan cookbook. Replete with cultural information, images of markets and local farming scenes, this is the cookbook for the lovers of India and its  cuisine. If you’ve been to India and you want to reminisce about your culinary experience and reproduce the beloved dishes you so much enjoyed there, this book is for you. Also fit for beginners who want to jump with both feet into mastering spices and curries. No doubt Anupy has delivered here a chef-d’oeuvre of vegan India.  There is also a conscious effort to keep the recipes healthy, by diminishing the amounts of oil and sugar.


After testing out your skills with these cookbooks we recommend you find our Tools to perfect Indian Cooking article.

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