Israeli Vegan Street Foods You Must Try

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When traveling to Israel, make sure to try these common Israeli vegan street foods, as much as possible! They are the heart of the local food culture, can be found anywhere, comparatively cheap, and come in many interesting variations, all of which are delicious and vegan or easily veganizable!


These are the main dishes that make Israeli vegan street foods so vegan friendly:




Hummus is a dish taken very seriously thought Israel. Every year local newspapers take pride in posting the updated list of the best hummus restaurants. If you try to ask any Israeli about it, you will find that they have strong opinions about their favorite hummus place and the reasoning for it.

The precise recipe of each hummus place is considered to be a safe guarded secret. Each making small alterations in the recipes resulting in different final flavors and textures.



Highest rated hummus restaurants in Israel include the famous Hummus Abu Hassan in Jaffa, Hummus Ben Sira in Jerusalem, Hummus Said in Akko and Hummus Abu Shukri in Abu Gosh.



Falafel is the old classic dish, that is usually eaten on the go and is extremely common thought the country. The balls are made from ground chickpeas and herbs. Served inside of a pita pocket bread, with added hummus, salads, herbs and drizzled tahini to garnish.



Top known falafel places in Israel include: Falafel Hakosem in Tel Aviv, Shalom Falafel in Jerusalem. A new concept from Falafel Belgi that make their special falafel without bread or frying, but rather make a waffle shaped falafel, served with salads hummus and tahini on the inside.



Sabich is the new word on the block. Ten years ago, you would not find more than a couple places who serve Sabich in each city. Now it’s creeping up on the famous falafel in terms of popularity.

The sabich is served with fried eggplants inside a pita pocket with hummus, hard-boiled egg, sliced cooked potato and fresh salads of your choice, drizzled with both tahini and Amba sauce made from fermented mango and turmeric paste.

Sabich is easily veganizable, by simply asking to remove the egg while stuffing the bread with your favorite choices.



Top known Sabich spots in the country include: Sabich Shel Ovad in Givatayim (near Tel Aviv), Hasabichiya Jerusalem, Sabich Frishman in Tel Aviv.


Those were the top and most commonly found Israeli street foods, but there are defiantly many more to discover. Find our full Israeli local food guide for more tasty vegan dishes that you should try whilst visiting.



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