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Commonly served vegan

Dishes that are traditionally served vegan

White rice with green peas and onion. Make sure no butter is used

Rizi Bizi

Sliced cucumber salad with garlic, sugar and vinegar

Ecetes Uborkasalata

Cabbage salad with garlic, vinegar, sugar and salt

Ecetes Kaposztasalata

Potato salad with red onion, vinegar, pepper and salt. Make sure: no sour cream is added

Ecetes Burgonyasalata

Mashed potatoes then fried in pan with onion

Hagymas Krumpli

Cooked potato chunks with parsley, olive oil and salt

Petrezselymes Burgonya

Fried potato dough patties. Make sure: no cream or cheese is added on top


Fruit salad from seasonal fruit


A clear vegetable soup made with celery, carrots, turnips, and spices. Make sure: no noodles or meat broth is used


Dishes that can be Veganized

Dishes that are not vegan by default, but can be made so, by asking to remove or change part of the ingredients.

Cooked tomato salad, with peppers, onions, spicy paprika and meat. To veganize: ask for no meat and no eggs


Dessert made from chestnut puree and whipped cream. To veganize: ask for no cream to be added


Mashed potatoes will contain butter/milk. To veganize: ask for no butter/milk


Dishes that are not vegan, but appear to be

Dishes that might look vegan, but contain animal products.

Potato and pea stew. Will contain sour cream or milk


Thin sweet crepes, will contain eggs


Cooked shredded spinach, will contain milk


Sorrel puree. Will contain milk and eggs


Cooked cauliflower with bread crumbs, sour cream and cheese

Prezlis Karfiol

Traditional chimney cake. Will contain milk and eggs


Traditional strudel. Will contain eggs, butter and milk


Crescent shaped sweet rolls. Will contain butter and eggs


Cold fruit soup. Will contain cream


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