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Veganism in Hungary

In Hungary, vegetarianism and veganism are considered quite new but growing. The number of followers is relatively low, although in the last two years the awareness is definitely rising. The Magyar Vegán Egyesület (Foundation of Hungarian Vegans) was established a year ago, with the aim of protecting animals and advancing the vegan agenda. There is an increase in vegan activities and events all year around. The number of vegan restaurants is increasing every year.

Hungarian Vegan Food

While traditional Hungarian cuisine is mostly based on meat (goose, duck or pork) there are a few side dishes that you can order in local restaurants catering to omnivores. See our Local Food page to find out what they are. You should not have any problem with the menus in Budapest since most are translated into English and restaurant staff usually speaks English. Once you leave the city, you will see that the difficulty to be understood will be proportional to the patience that people will have with your vegan requests. So try your hand at Hungarian and print or screen-shoot our Vegan Vocabulary page. Never leave home without it!

The good news is that you can stock up on vegan options available in some of the large supermarkets. Find out what and where they are on our Snacks and Stores page. Fruits and vegetable markets are regular options in the summer and sometimes in indoor winter markets too. Think of renting facilities with a kitchen to make sure you can prepare the food you like.

If you are looking for find the most hip vegan restaurants around be sure to check out Vegan Varos which is a local site that compiles all the vegan restaurant options on a easily understandable map.

Still have questions? Ask them on our Hungarian Forum tab to get all the answers.

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