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Common salty snacks

Common local vegan snacks brands - Salty


椒盐瓜子Selection of sunflower seeds, nuts, dried fruit and more.

He Yu

禾煜 Selection nuts, seeds and other snacks.


(Karamucho) Potato chips, instant noodles and more.


好迪 Roasted and salted pumpkin, sunflower, melon seeds and various salted nuts.


Selection of potato/ sweet potato chips and sticks.

Herb flavor

百草味 Variety of salted nuts, seeds and more.

Tao Kae Noi

Seaweed with many different added flavors.


Puffed pea snack.

Chenghuang Temple

五香豆 spiced beans known as “butter Wuxiangdou”.


"Vegetarian" instant noodles.

Orchard Farmer

椒盐核桃仁 Selection of fried and salted nuts.

Han Zheng Xuan

漢正軒 Wide selection of different flavored puffed rice sticks.

Good Shop

良品铺 Spiced dried lotus root (not all vegan).

Xiao Bang

笑蒡 Seaweed snacks: burdock & seaweed chip, burdock & 5 grains chip, burdock & black rice chip.

Wujiang Fuling

海带丝 Shredded kelp snack in vacuum package.

Common sweet snacks

Common local vegan snacks brands - Sweet

Haw flakes

山楂片 Snack made from Chinese haw tree fruit.


好迪 Varieties of dried fruit: raisins, apricots, blackcurrants,

Orchard Farmer

果园老农 Selection of dried fruit: mango, pineapple, figs, blackberry, cherry and more.


Selection of different flavored coconut chips.

Huatai Xing

華泰興椰子糖 Coconut toffee candy.

Roasted Chestnut

糖炒栗子 Roasted chestnut with sugar.

Hsu Fu Chi

徐福记Pineapple sandwich biscuits.

Rice Bats

(Uncle Pop) Sweetened puffed rice rolls.

5 Nut Mooncake

(Usually made with lard) This mooncake is made from , peanuts, walnuts, sesame and pumpkin seeds.

Dried Mango

干芒果 Dried mango and dried mango dipped in dark chocolate.


花生雪糖 Peanuts coated with white sugar coating.

Plant based milk/yogurt


维他奶 Large selection of regular and flavored Soy based drinks.

Yang Xiecheng

(Yeo's) 杨协成豆奶 Regular and fruit flavored soy based drinks.

Bean Bean

福建达利集团有限公司 (Fujian Dali food) soy milk variety.


雅芙豆奶 Soy drink.

Miao Girl

苗姑娘核桃花生 Walnut mixed with peanut milk.

Black Cow

黑牛豆奶 Soymilk.

Pebo Ra

Rice drinks in different flavors.


六点半豆奶 Soy based drinks.

Dragon King

龙王豆奶 Variety of soy drinks and powdered soy.


力源豆奶 (Lida Lion) Variety of soy based milk.

Zu Ming

祖名 Soy milks.

Ice Spring

冰泉豆浆 (Guangxi) Soy milk powder.


维维豆奶Soybean milk powder

Vegan cheese


Meat substitutes

Zu Ming

祖名 Variety of soy based meat substitutes.

Good Shop

良品铺子 Large variety of meat subs made from tofu, lotus root, potato, tempeh and more.


宇仔 Various gluten based snacks.

Yanjin Shop

盐津铺子 Large variety of plant based meat substitutes.

Pigeon Pigeon

鸽鸽 Variety of dry bean snacks.

Godly Since 1922

功德林 Variety of soy based snacks and chunks.

Golden Mill

金磨坊 Gluten based snacks.


麻辣多拿 Large variety of ready made and ready to cook meat substitutes from wheat gluten.

Good Ba

好巴食 Assortment of marinated tofu snacks.

Best places to find vegan products

Health food stores and supermarket chains that offer a large verity of vegan products


Large retailer with wide variety of products.


Large retailer across the country, carrying many imported international products.


Large supermarket chain.

7 Eleven

Popular convenience stores around the country.


Large food retailer, with selection of many imported products.

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