Vegan Guide to Australia

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Veganism in Australia

In spite of being a BBQ Mecca, Australia has witnessed a growing trend towards veganism over the last few years with an estimated 250,000 vegans. This has led to a growing acceptance of vegans by food businesses and the wider population.

Although Australian Local Food typically contains animal products, you will find readily available vegan Options in Supermarkets, Websites, fast-food stores, cafes and restaurants in the major cities of Australia. Even when travelling in tiny villages you will still find something to eat on the menus or a chef more than willing to veganize some of her dishes. Remember, Australia is the home of Vegemite, which, though an acquired taste, can save save the day when taken along with a good bread and a nice vegan beer.

In general, the cost of living in Australia is high but as long as you stick to staples and produce, you’ll be fine. Vegetables are varied and of great quality (especially avocados) and when in season, berries and cherries are unbeatable. Shop in a supermarket if you need to, but also try to find the cooperative farmers’ markets for the freshest and best produce.

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