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Useful vegan related websites in Argentina

The Argentinian vegan union was founded in the year 2000 and was the first animal rights NGO in the country. Their website is packed with tons of great content: Latest news and updates, events, blogs, recipes and an endless amount of articles touching all aspects of the vegan lifestyle.

Veganolibre offers a wide variety of vegan related info such as news and updates, tips for people transitioning to veganism, recipes, available products, local restaurant lists and more.

Easy to use local vegan restaurant guide. Just add your location to see all the great options.

Che vegano was founded to provide a good life to all beings that share together this beautiful planet Earth in a simple, positive and concrete way. They have great recipes and valuable info about, events, cooking workshops and retreats.

This website compiles a very impressive amount of info about veganism in central and south America. Main areas covered are: transition to veganism, health related aspects of veganism, great recipes and a very extensive list of vegan restaurants per country.

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