The largest VEGAN festival in the world!

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Largest Vegan Fest in the world


The world’s largest Vegan festival is happening this week in Tel Aviv, Israel.

The organizers of the festival are Israel’s largest vegan organization “Vegan Friendly” who are responsible for certifying vegan products in Israel (see ISRAEL COUNTRY PAGE).  Together with the municipality of Tel Aviv, they are expecting to see no less than 50,000 people attending the event. The event will take place on the 5th and 6th of June in Tel Aviv and will be 100% free.


A small taste of what will be included in the festival:

  • Over 100 completely vegan food stands from the best Israeli restaurants.
  • Central stage with some of the top Israeli musicians.
  • Cooking classes teaching everything from Raw Food to sinful vegan deserts.
  • Holistic area dedicated to practicing Meditation, Yoga, Massages, hula hoop and more.
  • Designated area for lectures about veganism.





Founder of Vegan Friendly, Omri Paz: “The Vegan Fest 2019 is expected to be the largest vegan event ever held, and we are proud to be leading it! It will defiantly be a vegan paradise offering a taste of the most interesting and innovative vegan related content. Israel is on the way to becoming the Vegan capital of the world and this festival is an important milestone towards this goal”.


Our only wish is that many more countries pick up the race, and make even bigger vegan festivals. In our mind this is the best and most positive way to convince people to try veganism.


To learn more, check out Vegan Friendly’s  Website.




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