Smoothies Perfect for Travel

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As you probably already know, traveling as vegans can be somewhat tricky, especially so when traveling off the beaten tracks and outside of major cities. 

Sometimes it  comes down to knowing what to ask for or which district to head to (Find detailed info in more then 67 countries). Other times, even when you have a few options, it can still be tricky to seek out a nutritious and balanced meal 3 times a day.


There is no doubt about it veganism is on the rise worldwide. That being  said there are still some  remote areas or countries who still live primarily on meat and dairy and it makes it harder to find what you need.



How does freeze-dry work?

The Process of freeze drying involves dehydrating fresh produce while maintaining high nutrients. As a result the produce has a crunchy texture and can be crushed into a powder and easily transported. This technology is also used by NASA to fuel their astronauts in space.

Freeze dryers work by flash freezing the material. Then reducing the pressure and adding heat to allow the frozen water in the material to sublimate.

Freeze-dry preserves perishable food naturally, extending its shelf life while preserving the vast majority of the precious nutrients. 



ToLive Smoothies are the ultimate “Vegan Travel Snack”


The Superfood blends are made from freeze-dried ingredients that are conveniently rehydrated with liquid to bring back all of the original flavors, textures and aromas. Think of Austin Powers when he comes back to life after being frozen for many years!

Their goal is to make vegan health more convenient for everyone. Combining all the most nutrient dense Superfoods, fruits, medicinal herbs and spices to one grab and go pack. Giving you a boost of energy and nutrients while on the go. 

Its needless to say that Tolive Superfood blends are 100% vegan and can be added to any liquid or yoghurt. 


Check out Tolive travel Smoothies, to give you that extra needed ease of mind when traveling as a vegans.

Traveling Around the World, the Vegan Way

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