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National Animal

Pine Marten

“I find my soul in forests…”

Kedar Dhepe

Animals commonly seen in the wild

Marine fauna:

Tuna, swordfish, dolphins, jellyfish, sea urchins, sharks


Spoonbills, falcons, vultures, storks, pelicans, eagles, herons.

Land mammals:

Wolves, bears, lynx, jackals, foxes, moose, deer, marten, mouflons.

Snakes and insects:

Vipers, lizards, snakes, tortoises, scorpions, black widows.

Common sights you will not like

In the city and
on the road

Stray cats can be seen on the street, as well as many locals feeding them. Pet stores with animals on display in the cities.

In the

Stray cats and dogs. Horse riding mostly done by tourists.

Hunting or poaching:

Hunting is allowed. There are organized hunting groups in Croatia that mainly hunt deer, wild boars, bears, wolves, jackals, foxes, mouflons and birds.

Animal fights:

Animal fighting is prohibited under Article 4 of the Animal Protection Act. However, that being said there is a major exception which is for the Bikijada” (traditional bull fighting) The event is held every year in Dalmatia and Dalmatinska Zagora. The bulls are not killed but they are harassed.

Main organization for animal rescue and sheltering:

Animal Friends Croatia

Sanctuaries to visit or volunteer:

Kuterevo bear sanctuary 30 km from Senj, accepting volunteers.

We have not included the treatment of animals in the meat/fur/leather industries, zoos or circuses, animal testing as it unfortunately still happens in most countries.

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