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Common salty snacks


Organic snacks: soya, veggie mix, cashews, almonds and more.


Potato chips in different flavours (not all vegan).

Coconut Chips

(Davert) Roasted coconut chips: chocolate, chili, salt & vinegar and sweet & salty.

Rote Bete Meerrettich

(Rosegarden) Beetroot chips.

Riffel Chips

Potato chips.

Emily Veg Crisps

Flavors include: Root vegetables, bean & edamame, pineapple and apple.


Healthy whole grain crackers.

Eat Real Chips

Chips - Hummus, veggie, pea, quinoa, lentil, kale and more.

De RIt Chips

Chickpea chips: paprika, salt, rosemary.

Dinkel Mini Bretzel

(dmBio) Spelt pretzels.

Mini Dinkel Zwieback

(dmBio) Spelt Rusk Snack

Hej Natural Bite

Almond and sea salt, cashew and ginger, peanut, coconut, vanilla and choco nibs.

Ape Snacks

Coconut puffs and curls in a large variety of flavors.

Heimatgut Popcorn

Variety of popcorn, coconut/lentil/quinoa chips.


Variety of salted pretzels.


Large variety of potato/corn/kale/coconut chips.

Common sweet snacks

Common local vegan snacks brands - Sweet


(Veganz) Cocoa and lemon flavors.


Various chocolates with mixed dried fruit.


(Veganz) Flavors include - chocolate, lemon and marble.

Lindt Excellence

Variety of dark chocolate.

iChoc Chocolates

Variety of flavored chocolate.

Bio Zartbitter Reiswaffeln

(Spar - Natur pur) Chocolate covered rice cakes.

Original Neapolitaner

(Manner) Chocolate and hazelnut flavored wafers.

Fizzy Cola

(Veganz) Variety of gummy sweets in different flavors.

Veganz Chocolate

Varity of chocolate bars including waffle crunch, hazelnut and strawberry.

Dinkel Crunchy

(dmBio) Crunchy spelt snack.

Clif Bar

Large variety of protein bars in different flavours most are vegan.

Mission More

Huge variety of vegan snacks in different flavors.

Smoothie Gummies

(J. Luehders)

Lizi's Granola

Healthy granola in all its forms, bars, snacks and more.

Lebepur Snack Bars

Flavors include - cacao (kakao), aronia himbeer (raspberry), maca, coconut cream.

Katjes gummies and licorice

Large verity of licorice and fruity gummies.

Joya Ice Cream

Soy based, Flavors include choco coconut, toffee almond and mango mango coconut.

Vega Vita Ice Cream

Flavors include hazelnut and raspberry, Matcha Mango and more.

Ritter Sport

Dark Chocolate with marzipan.

Plant based milk/yogurt


Soy, rice, almond, coconut and oat.


Soy, rice, almond, coconut, oat, hazelnut and cashew.


Soy, almond and oats.


Soy, rice, almond, coconut and oat.

Acti Leaf

(Aldi) Soy, almond and coconut.

Vega Vita

Almond and rice.


Soy, almond, oat and rice and spelt milk.

Vega Vita Yogurt

Coconut yogurt.

Alpro Yogurt

Variety of soy yogurts and sweet desserts.

Joya Yogurt

Variety of soy yogurts and sweet desserts.

Vegan cheese

Green Heart

Many types of spreads including vegan cheese one.


Large variety of vegan cheeses.


Large variety of vegan cheeses.


Variety of vegan cheese.


Many types of vegan mozzarella and cheddar.

Veggi Filata

Variety of grated cheese and cheese slices.

Meat substitutes

Hansel & Gretel

Selection of meat substitutes, including seitan dumplings, tofu/spinach burgers, vegetable patties and more.

Vega Vita

Variety of soy/seitan meat, sausages, schnitzel and more.


Variety of pulled meat, burgers, schnitzel and more.

Spar Veggie

Variety of soy meat and tofu.

Best places to find vegan products

Health food stores and supermarket chains that offer a large verity of vegan products

Whole Foods

Huge health food store, with a large variety of vegan products.


Large supermarket chain carrying many vegan products including health related brand Spar veggie.


Large supermarket chain carrying many vegan products.


Large supermarket chain carrying many vegan products.


Large supermarket chain carrying many vegan products.


Large supermarket chain carrying many vegan products.

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