5 Accidentally Vegan Italian Dishes You Must Know

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Vegan food in Italy

People often claim that its hard to travel in Italy as a vegan. But in truth local restaurants will commonly offer a wide selection of accidentally vegan Italian food, that are delicious and vegan by default! Together with all the other things this beautiful country has to offer- this is certainly a destination to add to your travel list!



Here are 5 examples from our Italian LOCAL FOODS page that you should not miss:


Carciofi alla Romana

Easy Roman Braised Artichoke Hearts. This ancient recipe originates from the Roman times and is as delicious today as it was a long time ago. The artichokes are deep fried in olive until tender and the leaves crispy. A perfect starter!



Now, don’t miss this one! A Sicilian dish made of chopped sautéed eggplants, caramelized onions, tomatoes, capers and celery in a sweet and sour sauce. To die for!



Fave e Cicoria

Mashed fava beans, served with cooked chicory leaves on top (chicory, yes, the one you find roasted in your coffee replacement) once sautéed with onions and garlic becomes a delicacy appreciated and eaten everywhere in Rome either alone or with white beans (Fave e Cicoria). A must try to boost your calcium and enjoy your greens!


Pizza Marinara

On every pizza menu, a gorgeous vegan pizza awaits you: the famous Marinara! Made with tomato sauce, garlic and oregano, this pizza is a great Italian classic that does not call for vegan cheese but is delicious as is. Some restaurants will be happy to add some roasted veggies for a variation upon request. Easier than having to explain that you want the veggie one without the cheese. Don’t ask us why 😊



Pasta Arrabiata

Tired of Pasta al Pomodoro (tomato sauce)? Try the Arrabiata, a spiced-up version with chili and garlic. On almost all menus. But beware of eggs that may creep in to fresh pasta and always check that no anchovies are used in the sauce which is common with Pasta Putanesca.



So no reason to worry when going to Italy, you will always find plenty of accidentally vegan italian food.
Take us with you and enjoy the local food, The Veganary Way!

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