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Vegan Guide to Vietnam

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Vietnam vegan farmerVeganism in Vietnam

The Vegan concept is starting to gain traction in Vietnam, as more and more young middle-class Vietnamese people are turning to a vegan diet for health and environmental reasons. Furthermore, as in other countries like China, Taiwan, and Korea, where Buddhism is practiced, Vietnam’s observant communities will regularly eat what they call pure vegetarian (“chay”) food, which excludes all animal products, including eggs and milk. So many Vietnamese restaurants will serve vegan food a couple of times a month (usually mid-month and end of the month). At this time, you will notice that restaurants are full and you have to queue to get a table, but it will be well worth your while to get a mainstream vegan meal.


Vegan Vietnamese Spring roll foodVegan Food In Vietnam

Vegan Food in Vietnam can be found in many local restaurants and street foods. From banh mi, to fresh spring rolls and delicious soups, Vietnam should definitely be on the list for any vegan foodie. In our Vegan Food tab, you will be able to find all the dishes you need to look out for in order to taste as many local delicacies as possible.

Street food is the heart of the food culture in Vietnam, where you will taste some of the best foods you have ever tried.  Try to use the words you learned from local lingo to try and veganize you dish. Some times this will work, and other times it will not. But its certainly worth a try, since the foods and tastes are so delicious!
Be extra careful to check for fish sauce, this tends to find its way in most dishes and is considered more of a condiment than an animal product to most locals.

To make things easier we recommend you learn a few basic vegan related words in Vietnamese.

Vegan Tofu soup in Vietnam

Try to stick with venues who prepare your food fresh upon order. This makes it easier to customize your dish and make sure no animal products reach your plate.

Vegan products are widely available in Vietnam such as Soya milks, tofu, chocolate etc. Nuts and seeds and spices are also widely available to Check Vegan Products to learn more.

Vegan restaurants will be easier found in large cities. The most vegan-friendly cities in the country are Ho Chi Minh and Danang.


Still have questions? Visit our Vietnam Forum tab to get all the answers.


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