These Vegan Restaurants Are Breaking Records

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By: Asha Swann


Over the last few years, we’ve seen lots of vegan restaurants make headlines. Gordon Ramsay stunned fans earlier this year by showing a vegan remake of his signature dish, the beef wellington, at one of his restaurants. Even in digital media, vegan foods are being promoted by celebrities. ‘Game of Thrones’ star Maisie Williams ate vegan wings on the YouTube series Hot Ones, earning the episode 4.9 million views. All over, people seem to be talking about vegan food. Which leaves us asking the question: which places are the best? And which restaurants were the first to break the mold? With this list, you can check out some incredible vegan restaurants all over the world. These are some of the top vegan restaurants that are breaking records. They stand out from the crowd, are winning awards, have lasted over a hundred years, and above all, have great food.



Location: Dubai, UAE
Record: World’s Largest Vegan Restaurant
Veganity opened up in October 2019 by 29-year-old chef Sky Sommers. This restaurant boasts a huge menu of over 200 items, all plant based, organic, non-GMO, and preservative free. Not only is it a large restaurant: it’s also a meal prep and delivery service.


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Haus Hiltl

Location: Zürich, Switzerland
Record: World’s Oldest Vegetarian/Vegan Restaurant
This restaurant has been breaking records even before records were kept. Located in the beautiful city of Zürich, Haus Hitl has been serving up incredible meat-free meals since 1898. Not only were they the only meat-free restaurant for many years in Switzerland, they were also the city’s first restaurant with an all-electric kitchen. Nearly every item on their menu today is vegan, and even most of the vegetarian items can be made vegan by asking for no cheese.

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Location: Brighton/London, England
Record: World’s Pizza of the Year
The Campionato Mondiale Della Pizza, known in English as the World Pizza Championship, is held every year in Parma, Italy. For the first time ever, the top prize went to a vegan pizzeria. Purezza beat out thousands of dairy and meat filled entries. The store has two locations in England, both of which have captured the hearts of vegans and carnivores alike. It is also the UK’s first all vegan pizzeria.


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Location: Berlin, Germany
Record: World’s First Vegan Zero Waste Restaurant
It comes as great news that there is finally a restaurant that is breaking records by becoming zero waste. Zero waste is primarily a set of principles that aims to produce zero garbage. This includes lots of reusing, compositing, and making your own products. At Frea, everything is made from scratch using local, organic ingredients without any plastic packaging. One of the most incredible things about this restaurant is the machine that turns any food waste into compost in just 24-hours.


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The Cheeze Factory Restaurant

Location: Baraboo, Wisconsin, USA
Record: Wisconsin’s Largest Cheese Mart Remade Vegan
Wisconsin is ranked fourth in the world in terms of dairy cheese production. In sheer numbers, Wisconsin produces over 2.8 billion pounds of cheese every year. Wisconsin is also known most commonly as ‘the dairy state,’ because of how much cheese is made. So it came as a huge surprise when the largest cheese mart in the state was remade to be a completely vegan restaurant. Known now as the Cheeze Factory Restaurant, this spot is loved by dairy and non-dairy lovers. Some popular menu items include healthy flatbreads and savoury bowls. This restaurant is breaking records simply due to how it came to be.


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The Naam

Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Record: Vancouver’s First Natural Food Restaurant
The Naam is one of Vancouver’s best spots of natural, organic, meat free dishes. Not only have they been serving vegan/vegetarian foods for over fifty years, they’re also open 24/7. Trying to beat that midnight fast-food craving? The Naam is your go-to spot. Every dish is vegetarian and can easily be made vegan; the restaurant can change eggs for tofu scramble at no extra charge, and also has dairy-free cheese available upon request.


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Location: Chester, England
Record: Chester’s First Vegan, Sustainable Restaurant
Hypha has been a hidden gem in Chester since it opened in February 2019. Not only Hypha is breaking records as Chester’s first vegan and sustainable restaurant, but the town itself has been a certified fair trade town since 2002. Hypha continues to stand apart from the crowd with a unique menu: the plates change regularly. In other words, they can create a flavourful menu with local, seasonal produce.


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Location: Calabasas, California, USA
Record: World’s Greenest Restaurant
Located in the luxurious Calabasas, MUSE was founded by environmental activist Suzy Amis Cameron. She is also the founder of the OMD Movement, dedicated to changing eating habits and creating access to healthy, climate-friendly food. In 2005, she founded MUSE. In 2018, it earned the certification of being the greenest restaurant in the world, by the Green Restaurant Association. But there’s one small twist: MUSE isn’t a restaurant at all, it’s actually a school. The certification was awarded to the school’s cafeteria. In addition to being completely vegan, the entire kitchen and school is solar powered.


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Location: Beverly Hills, California, USA
Record: 157-Year-Old Brand Going Vegan
Ladurée is a world famous French pâtisserie brand, known internationally for their mouth-watering macarons and desserts. The brand will now be serving an all vegan menu at the brand’s Beverly Hills location. Some of these items include egg free omelette, almond-based buttermilk in desserts, hemp macarons, and much more. Also, vegan items will be introduced to other locations around the globe. The vegan options will also be sold in an eco-friendly box, made from cocoa paper pods, without the use of plastic or glue. When people look back on which vegan restaurants are breaking records, they will be sure to remember eating great vegan macarons.


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Cafe Forty-One

Location: London, England
Record: London’s Only Vegan Hotel Restaurant
This vegan restaurant is breaking records in England by being London’s first (and only) totally vegan hotel restaurant. Some items on their amazing menu include a full English breakfast, risotto, gnocchi pesto, and an unforgettable afternoon tea. Popular dessert items include a variety of French pastries, all vegan.


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Super Natural Kitchen

Location: Dubai, UAE
Record: Dubai’s First Raw Vegan Restaurant
If you’re looking for a unique raw vegan experience, then Super Natural Kitchen in Dubai is the place to go. Not only is it completely raw and vegan, it is also gluten free, sugar free, and preservative free. The cafe also uses local and organic produce as often as possible. Additionally, the restaurant is plastic free and uses compostable delivery containers for takeaway.


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Alchemy Bali

Location: Bali, Indonesia
Record: Bali’s First Organic Vegan Restaurant
On the island of Bali, there is a new spot called Alchemy Bali. Not only is it the island’s first organic vegan restaurant, it is also the only organic vegan restaurant that is also offering completely raw foods. Their main goal is creating food that honours the Earth, as well as promoting a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. In terms of vegan restaurants breaking records, this is definitely an important one.


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Location: Quezon City, Philippines
Record: Philippines’ First Vegan Pizzeria
Indulge first opened up in 2017, and customers have been more than happy to finally have a vegan pizzeria. The menu has a lot of variety. In other words, there are lots of veggies, faux meats, and dairy-free cheeses. There are also appetizers that are great for sharing, like potato wedges and tempeh triangles.


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