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Veganism in the USA

Vegan culture in the USA is typically widely accepted, and it is often praised for its efforts in saving animal lives and restoring the environment. Veganism is especially common the so-called touristic destinations such as Los Angeles and New York, Miami, Portland but it is also popular in more liberal or environmentally active states such as Portland and Seattle. This growing movement is expanding into rural states as well, and this shows how it has successfully influenced much of the US population.


Vegan Food in the USA

The USA has become so accommodating to vegans over the last few years, that most fast-food restaurants already have at least 1 (if not more) vegan-friendly options. Be sure to check out our Vegan Fast Food Finds in the USA where we explain all these tasty options in depth. And if fast food is really not your thing, don’t worry,  healthier vegan restaurants can also be found in abundance. Like in any country, be sure to use Happy Cow to find the best restaurants for you.

Vegan burger USAYou will find an endless amount of Vegan Products and staples in supermarkets across the  USA. Be sure to go over our  USA Vegan Products to learn about all the amazing options available. No matter which supermarket you will step into, you will always find vegan meat, milk, and cheese substitutes readily available.

All in all, if you are heading to the USA, you will discover new vegan products every day and will never lack a place to eat. Salads are available everywhere and you can usually delete and add what you want by just asking.


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