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Introducing The Veganary Mini Tours!


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The Veganary website was launched just seven short months ago. Since it’s beginning the crowdfunded site has reached tens of thousands of people in sixty-seven countries. Vegans all over the world have been turning to The Veganary to ease their travel worries. Currently, we are looking to expand The Veganary, to make it not only helpful online, but in person as well. That being said, we are absolutely so proud to present The Veganary Mini Tours!



A Worldwide Network

With The Veganary Mini Tours, we will be creating a worldwide network, connecting local vegans to each other. Not only will this make the vegan travel experience so much easier and less stressful, but it will also help create hundreds of jobs for individual people, boosting local economies.


Making Vegan Travel easy and fun!

The Veganary Mini Tours are meant for you, the traveler, the ability to have an authentic experience in your destination. The tour will be unique to you: no more frantically searching up vegan-friendly spots in the area, or feeling out of place in a giant tour group. It is a one-on-one experience, showing you the best spots for tourism, culture, food, and more. And the best part? Tours will be provided by a local vegan resident! The guide will show you all the best places to see, all relevant to your vacation.
Another incredible part about The Veganary Mini Tours is that they’re so much more affordable than tours provided by regular travel companies. After all, this is an individual person: not a corporation. Not only that, but tours are only a few hours, meaning you aren’t dedicating your entire vacation to one thing.


Enjoy vegan travel with The veganary MIni tours

How it Works

The Veganary guide will meet you at a pre-determined spot. Maybe it’s your hotel lobby, a cafe, a nearby store, just to name a few. They will then guide you on a walk-through of local, incredible spots that you want to learn more about. You will leave the tour feeling refreshed after leaning about all the tips and tricks provided for you. Your stay just became all that much more effortless — you now know how to be vegan like a true local. 


Empowering the International Vegan Community

The response we’ve gotten so far has been overwhelming! We already have hundreds of people from around the world looking to be our next guide. Guides are always locals and vegans; maybe they’re animal activists themselves, have a passion for health or the environment, or are entrepreneurs. Not only that, but your vacation spot is somewhere they’ve lived for many years, or grew up nearby. They are the ones who are active in their community and are always looking to support the local vegan scene. Your local guide will give you all the tips to blend in and experience the best trip ever. Sound like something you might be interested in? We’re always looking to add more friendly-faces to The Veganary Mini Tours guide team. Show your passion for veganism while earning a little extra cash on the side. So if know all about the local vegan community, food scene, and tourism spots in your city/country, click here to apply today and set up an interview. 


Vegan guides worldwide



Book a Tour Now!

By connecting you with a local resident, you are taking the hard part out of your vegan vacation. The guide will give you all the best advice for your trip, what to eat, where to shop, and so much more. No more frantic Googling where to go! Your support helps directly benefit the community. Not only will you learn how to best honour local culture and cuisine, but you will also be making incredible lifelong friendships.

Interested in learning more or supporting the campaign? Click here and leave your mail on the Indiegogo crowdfunding page, to be the first to know when we launch and to help make The Veganary Mini Tours a reality. By purchasing a tour for yourself, you will help provide jobs to vegans worldwide, while enjoying a authentic vegan tour and meeting new like minded vegan friends!


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