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Common salty snacks


卡迪那 Potato chip, yam chip, taro chip.

Han Zheng Xuan

漢正軒 Wide selection of different flavored puffed rice sticks.


(Nissin) Spicy potato chips.


농심 "Vegetarian" instant noodles.

Xiao Bang

笑蒡 Seaweed snacks: burdock & seaweed chip, burdock & 5 grains chip, burdock & black rice chip.

Love D Mushroom

愛D菇 Crispy mushroom cookie wasabi flavored, pepper flavored, sea salt flavored.

Lian Hwa

可樂果 Wasabi flavored seaweed & pea crackers, nuts, seaweed snacks and more.

Yi Mei

義美 Garlic flavored green peas, mustard flavored green pea, mix nuts, chia seed cracker, quinoa cracker.

Wang wang

旺旺 Rice cracker, brown rice cracker, black bean crackers and more.

Tao Kae Noi

Different flavored seaweed.

Wan sui pai

萬歲牌 Selection of salted and unsalted nut mixes.

Yuan Ben Shan

元本山 Variety of seaweed flavored snacks and nuts.

Daily Good Fruit

每日優果 Spiced dried konnyaku chili peanut, mixed salted nuts, frozen dried mushrooms, frozen dried okra and more.

Shen xiang zhen

盛香珍 Flavored salted seeds: sunflower, pumpkin and more.

Common sweet snacks

Dr. Q

盛香珍 Grape konjac jelly, litchi konjac jelly, nata de coco.Yi mei

Yi mei

義美 Flaxseed and almond bar, flaxseed and pumpkin seed bar, hazelnut black tea scotch finger, hazelnut cacao scotch finger.

Fresh Day

每日優果 Dried fruit: mango, pineapple, cranberry, passion fruit, banana and yam chips and more.

Home Brown

紅布朗 Dried raisin, dried cranberry, dried blueberry, dried apricot, dried fig.


愛之味 Soy jelly, aiyu jelly, boiled grass jelly, sweet mix grain porridge.

Huatai Xing

華泰興椰子糖 Coconut toffee candy.

Haw Flakes

山楂片 Snack made from Chinese haw trees fruit.

Lian hua

莓果可乐果 Pea crackers with berry flavour.

Plant based milk/yogurt

Tong Yi

統一 Plant based milks: soy. rice, job’s tear, black bean, almond.

Yi Mei

義美 Plant based drinks: Soy, brown rice and peanuts, job’s tear, black bean, almond.

Guang Quan

光泉 Soy, rice black sesame and more.


Variety of plant based drinks: soy with okra, oat, peanut and more.


楊協成豆奶 Variety of flavored soy drinks.

Vegan cheese


Artisan cheese makers: Cheddar, brie, Gouda and more.

Meat substitutes


蓮廚 (Bai Yi Xiang) Variety of meat subs made from tofu, peanuts, seaweed radish and more.


儒齋 Large selection of plant based meat substitutes.

Chaste Je Way

齋之味 Variety of plant based meat substitutes.

Ta Ching

Selection of plant based meats.

Best places to find vegan products

Health food stores and supermarket chains that offer a large verity of vegan products

Suiis Food

素易 Online vegetarian store with very wide selection of vegan products.


唯素主義 Online vegan store carrying many hard to find vegan products.

Long Spring

長春健康素食 Health food chain store with many locations, many vegan products can be found here.

7 Eleven

Convenience store will have some vegan snacks.


Local food retailer.


International supermarket brand with many imported products.

Family Mart

Small convenience chain store.

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