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Veganism in Sweden

The number of people on vegan and vegetarian diets has increased steadily in Sweden since the 90s. But in recent years the interest in plant-based diets has really started to show in the common culture. Nowadays, most grocery stores in Sweden strongly advertise their well-stocked vegetarian selection, and larger FOOD BRANDS have started to manufacture at least a couple of vegetarian/vegan alternatives to meat products.

Like most cold countries, traditional Swedish cuisine used to traditionally rely mostly on stored root vegetables, meat, fish and canned goods during the long winters. As a consequence, don’t expect a lot of vegan dishes issued from Swedish cuisine. Although, today, when going to non-vegan restaurants, you will always find vegetarian alternatives, often vegan ones, and if you tell the restaurant staff that you are vegan, they most likely will try to cater to your needs. Most people speak English too, so no issues here. Restaurants often cater to food allergies also. It is common for them to offer gluten-free and lactose-free alternatives.

So, going to Sweden as a vegan should be a breeze. Don’t miss the myriad of types of mushrooms and berries, usually in season in Autumn. Unforgettable delights!

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