Vegan Words

You will get along in most major cities and tourist locations with english, use afrikaans if you are not understood in english.

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English Afrikaans Pronunciation
Vegan Vegan Vegan
Vegan Food Veganiese kos Veganiese kos
I am Vegan Ek is vegan Ek is vegan
Vegetarian Vegetariese Vegetariese
Plant Based Food Plantgebaseerde Kos Plantgebaseerde Kos
No Animal Products Geen Diereprodukte Nie Geen Diereprodukte Nie
Meat Vleis Vleis
Fish Vis Vis
Eggs Eiers Eiers
Milk Melk Melk
Cheese Kaas Kaas
Dairy Melkery Melkery
Melkery Botter Botter
Honey Heuning Heuning
Leather Leer Leer
Feathers Vere Vere
Vere Wol Wol
Silk Kant Kant
Yes Ja Jano
No Geen Chien

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