Vegan Guide to Slovakia

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Veganism in Slovakia

Traditional Slovak cuisine is based on meat and cheese and doesn’t offer many vegan options, except for salads. Though they are normally served in restaurants as small side dishes. Ordering a few of those or asking for a large one is a good option when eating out. Beware of dishes written as vegetarian – they may contain meat. The term vegetarian may only mean that the majority of ingredients in the dish are vegetables. You can ask for dishes to be veganized in more up-market restaurants. See LOCAL FOOD page.

This being said, people are increasingly open-minded about veganism as a solution to environmental problems, animal welfare and their own health. So in every city and some towns it is usually possible to find places that produce vegan food and products. Bratislava counts almost 100 vegan and vegetarian restaurants, which attests to the fact that the local vegan scene is thriving. Visit the Middle-Eastern eateries when looking for a place to eat far from vegan restaurants. You will always find some hummus or falafel, rice-based dishes and other veggie salads there.

Don’t count on finding a lot of your favorite vegan brands even in specialized stores. This is definitely a place to give a preference to renting rooms with a kitchen so you can cook for yourself.

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