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Veganism in Romania

Romania is not a country where people understand the idea of vegan food. Even though Romanians, especially in the countryside, do not eat  much meat. Moreover, the countryside offers a whole plethora of vegetable dishes. There are a few vegan places ain Bucharest, Brasov, Sibiu and other largish cities. But you can easily manage on LOCAL FOOD once you know what to ask for.

In countries that do not understand the term vegan so well, one always need to find a cultural reference point that will be easily understood. Many Romanian followers of the Orthodox church will abstain from eating animal products twice a week, or on different religious days and holidays.  This type of food is named “De post” (meaning fasting food) and is 100% vegan. Even bakeries have De Post breads and snacks. So, if the menu in a local restaurant seems to be filled with meat, ask for De Post dishes. The likelihood will be that they will make it for you on the spot or have it already ready.

Unlike other countries, you will eat better in the countryside than in the city. Meat there is less predominant, and country food is usually made with local produce, often organically grown, simple, hearty and delicious. If you are going hiking, make sure to plan your itinerary around the agritourism farms and monasteries. Or ask around to know which places have De Post options.

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