Vegan Guide to Portugal

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Veganism in Portugal

Portugal is actually the first country in the world to have recently passed a law that obligates all public institutions (government offices, hospitals, schools etc.) in Portugal to offer at least one vegan option on their eateries’ menus. So, if you are students at a university, you’ll find vegan food there too! Make sure to ask local restaurants if they have a vegetarian or vegan menu (they won’t volunteer it). You may be nicely surprised.

This being said, it doesn’t mean that restaurants offering local cuisine will always have a vegan option. You might end up with yet another spaghetti or a soup and a couple of side dishes or salads to try to make a meal for yourself. After all Portugal is also the top consumer of fish in the world and fish is what the Portuguese chefs put forward in their cuisine. see LOCAL FOOD page.

Apart from Lisbon and Porto with tens of vegan restaurants and health food shops each. With vegan products on regular supermarket shelves and even a new vegan fast food chain. Travelling through Portugal and eating out may be challenging. Make sure to take an apartment with a kitchen to cook in, so that you can enjoy the fabulous Portuguese produce. Especially in the summer. Don’t forget to try the Porto wine with some vegan appetizers (olives, bread, nuts) in a cafe at sunset.

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