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Commonly served vegan

Dishes that are traditionally served vegan

Sticky rice cake made with coconut milk and sugar, eaten for breakfast or mid-day snack

Sinukmani or Biko

Tapioca pearls, camote (sweet potato), gabi (root vegetable) and banana, cooked with coconut milk and sugar

Bilo Bilo or Ginataang

Deep fried twisted doughnut made from glutinous rice and sugar

Pilipet or Shakoy

Deep fried sweet balls on a stick, made from coconut, glutinous rice and sugar

Karyoka or Carioca

Steamed rice/ cassava cake made with brown sugar and topped with fresh coconut flakes


Sticky rice cakes made with coconut milk and sugar


Stir fried water spinach with onion, garlic and soy sauce. Make sure: no fish sauce is used


Jackfruit cooked with coconut milk and spices


Steamed glutinous rice cooked in coconut milk and wrapped in banana leaf

Suman Sa Ibos

Soy bean curd, served hot or chilled, with sugar syrup and tapioca pearls


Dishes that can be Vegenized

Dishes that are not vegan by default, but can be made so, by asking to remove or change part of the ingredients.

Fern salad made with tomatoes, calamansi, onion and hard-boiled egg. To veganize: ask for no egg

Pako Salad

Steamed vegetable dumplings To veganize: ask for no pork and no shrimp paste

Vegetarian Siomai

Veg version of a pork dish, made of banana hearts/ mushroom and tofu. To veganize: ask for no mayo, eggs or cheese

Vegetarian Sisig

Usual salads have lettuce, tomato, cucumber, carrots and meat. To veganize: ask for no meat/ cheese/ eggs/“gulaman” (gelatin cubes)

Fresh Salads

Cooked white corn with grated coconut, sugar and butter/ margarine on top. To veganize: ask for no butter or milk


Sweet red beans, fruit, coconut, milk and crushed ice. To veganize: ask for no "gulaman" (gelatin cubes), ice cream or milk

Halo Halo

Dishes that are not vegan, but appear to be

Dishes that might look vegan, but contain animal products.

Steamed vegetables, usually cooked with shrimp paste and pork fat


Noodle soup, broth is usually meat-based

Vegetarian Ramen

Glutinous rice based sweet dish made with eggs and condensed milk

Bibingkang Galapong

Dessert of 3 layers in different colors, made with fresh coconut, coconut milk, glutinous rice and sugar. Contains milk/ butter


Usually cooked with oyster sauce or meat sauce

Asian Stir Fried Vegetables

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