Vegan Guide to The Philippines

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Veganism in The Philippines

It’s easy to notice that the vegan community in the Philippines is only at its very beginning. There is not much content to be found online about the subject, and any groups or blogs seem to be in their initial stages.

People in the Philippines tend to have a good level of English, understanding what a vegetarian diet means. But they will usually assume that vegan is just another word for vegetarian.

The main food staples in the local cuisine consist of white rice, deep fried meat and animal based stews, using high amounts of oil and sugar in most dishes. For these reasons it’s hard to find local food that is available to vegans. see LOCAL FOOD page.

Vegan Food in The Philippines

Although people show a good will to accommodate any request to cater to your needs, you should be extra careful. Many dishes that are either called or marked as vegetarian will turn out to contain meat, fish, eggs, or lard. Sometimes in spite of you having expressly explained what you don’t eat.

Quality tropical fruits are found in abundance such as pineapple, mango, and the Philippines boast some of the best coconuts in the world as well as dozens of rice varieties. Vegetable quality varies a lot depending on your location.   Go for the greens, some of the best food found in the markets.

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