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Our Top Vegan-Friendly Cities – Where to Visit

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Satisfying your cravings for your wanderlust can easily be done by traveling to your dream places, however, it can be challenging for vegans to fly off to different cities that may not cater to their dietary requirements. 

Missing out on food is just a big no-no when it comes to traveling because it’s one of the essential must-try in any vacation getaways. After all, how else can you fully experience the culture without tasting it? 

Fortunately, veganism is a booming movement and is embraced by food lovers all over the world, and we’ve listed down the top cities that every vegan must include in their bucket list.


London, England

London has 110 vegan restaurants in a five-mile radius within the beautiful city and is home to at least 542,000 people following the vegan diet, making London a mainstream market for veganism to rise and prosper. From vegan-friendly stalls, bakeries, cafes, and even smoothie bars, there’s something for everyone to explore. 

If you’re craving for a slice of pizza to enjoy for lunch, stop by at PickyWops, which is mouth-watering vegan pizzeria situated smack in the middle of South East London. 

It also holds the world’s first vegan chicken shop called The Temple of Hackney, while other favorites include Itadaki Zen Japanese Macrobiotic restaurant, Zionly Manna that features Carribean food, as well as Andu Cafe for a quick pick-me-up in your afternoon stroll around the city. 


Berlin, Germany

Berlin is widely celebrated in the food world as a haven destination for vegan lovers with about 320 vegan-friendly restaurants littered across the lush city. 

It also boasts of having the world’s largest vegan supermarket chain, as well as a healthy, diverse eateries such as the world-class vegan doner kebab at Voner der Vegetarische, some raw gourmet delights at Rawstatic, or even a lip-smacking slice of pizzas at La Stella Nera.

When hopping on to Berlin, expect to sate your hunger for adventure and explore the diverse palate of the city.


New York City, U.S.A

Known to be a city of dreams and home to diverse cultures, it’s no surprise to find the big apple flourish in its wide selection of vegan restaurants. As of date, it has 64 established vegan-friendly eateries and cafes such a P.S. Kitchen, which features an artisanal menu of small to large plates, desserts, and bark drinks. If you’re looking for a quick yet tasty snack, drop by at Marty’s V Burger which boasts of their highly-coveted, juicy, veggie burgers, or spice up your trip with vegan buffalo wings at V-Life. 

Meanwhile, you can end your adventure on a sweet note with vegan confectionery from Confectionerly. To that end, the city that never sleeps has something to satisfy any kind of cravings under the sun.


Portland, Oregon

Veganism is an integral part of Portland and is seen as the city is dotted with a wide selection of vegan eateries, including 20 types of vegan artisanal cheese produced at Vtopia Cheese Shop & Deli. If you’re looking to back to vegan’s roots, Canteen offers a wide array of choices between healthy smoothies, bowls, and fresh salads. On the other hand, those who need a vegan-friendly option for meat can find one of the juiciest vegan burgers at Next Level Burger.

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