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Our Top Plant-Based Eatery Joints at Croatia

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When you think about Croatian cuisine, it’s highly likely you have already heard about their animal-based specialties like cevapcici, which is a skinless sausage that is savory in every bite; burek, a pastry with a twist of cheesy delight; or kajmak, a thick sour cream perfect for spreading and sharing. 

Those who don’t include meat or dairy products in their diets, such as vegans, may not think of Croatia as one of their top destinations for a food trip. However, despite the fact that meat is a staple ingredient in the country, there are a plethora of delicious, meatless options in the city that vegans can indulge in.

Beyond the quintessential bread, pasta, salad, and grilled vegetables, the vegan and vegetarian options at several Croatian restaurants offer something more than your usual dishes. Most are big in size and generous in flavor, and each item in this list can bring comfort like no other. These dishes took your favorites and made them perfect for the times you need to eat your feelings (whether you’re jolly or blue), so we recommend you try these specialties when traveling in Croatia:



When you’re rifling through the entire meatless menu at Upcafe, which is considered the holy grail for vegans and vegetarians in Split, Croatia, their menu makes eating vegetables less of an ordeal even for full-fledged carnivores. Instead, it will become more of a serene and flavorful habit worth repeating. Our suggestion? Try the protein-centric main dishes like veggie burgers, noodles, pasta, and falafel. End your meal on a sweet note with homemade desserts. All are tossed, seared, and cooked with thoughtful ingredients that make you want to savor every bite, making Upcafe one of the best places for even picky eaters to indulge in vegan delights.



Hamburgers are said to be the cornerstone of any nutritious breakfast. Fortunately, Toto’s Burger Bar creates concoctions that allow vegans and vegetarians alike to enjoy a savory bite of their green-friendly burgers and a menu that can be split between carnivores and omnivores. On that note, this establishment serves comfort food with a healthy twist like zucchini noodles, vegan cakes, sandwiches, and salads. We guarantee that everything on their menu will satisfy your cravings for anything delicious. 

To that end, most burger cravings go unplanned. If you want to eat a quality burger without having to get all dressed up for it, they’re always ready for you with their colorful decor and welcoming staff.



Dropping by Pandora Greenbox will open up a new world of explosive flavors that you can explore, all crafted to include a healthy kick in every bite. Their menu offers a wide selection of vegan treats for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with other minor twists that complete the meal such as homemade iced teas, cold-pressed juices, and gluten-free craft beer. Offering one of the tastiest Croatian dishes in the city, Pandora Greenbox is a hole in the wall worth indulging in, because their refreshing, modern takes on vegan recipes are a surefire hit.

If you’re looking for a vegan travel guide for Croatia on where to visit – take a look at ours today! We provide detailed & transparent information in each city, along with how vegan-friendly they are.

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