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Veganism in Nigeria

Nigeria has a very meat-centric culture, like most parts of Sub-Saharan Africa, but veganism is steadily rising. In Nigeria, the younger generation is the vanguard of the vegan movement but it remains an unpopular social and dietary stance. Nigerians usually associate veganism with having been diagnosed with a malignant disease. For this reason, vegans are seen as strange and it is hard to convince people that you don’t eat meat and other animal products not because of bad health. However, except for the startling initial reaction you get for telling that you’re a vegan, it is not a social stigma as such.

Most events in Nigeria don’t often come with consideration for a vegan menu but there are some restaurants where you can order your favorite vegan delicacies. Thanks to the diversity in the Nigerian diet, vegans do not have to miss out on quality food (see LOCAL FOOD page). The omnivore menus usually include side dishes that will allow you to have a satisfying meal. And there is always a pizza somewhere whose cheese you can ask to delete. Markets, even in remote areas, will usually offer enough of a choice of veggies and fruits to make a nice meal. Get your own facility with a kitchen for a much easier experience all around.

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